SRS Collective Projects

Hope Studio, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Hope Studio is the first studio of the SunRise Studios Collective. In partnership with Empowered By Light, Hope Studio has a fully functional solar-powered system that also supports a permaculture center. This studio amplifies the voices of refugees from over 17 countries that reside there. Led by a group of artists called The Ambassadors, these musicians blend their passion for music and sustainable ways of living to create songs that entertain, educate, and motivate. The recording studio has been named Hope Studio in honor of their personal journeys. Founded in 2021. Serving 50+ youth and community members 

Riqi Studio
Kikuyu Town, Kenya

Riqi Studio, located in Kikuyu Town Arts Center, was started in 2022 by studio leader Wahinya Mwirikia. This space has the mission of being a community hub that provides arts access across the district. Riqi Studio services dozens of artists in the area. The space is on a farm that is part of the Ùndirì wetland ecosystem and shows potential for being a hub for nature conservation, art, music, and culture. This program is essential as it brings together artists, musicians, botanists, and cultural historians to create, conserve, and curate various community projects including chicken incubators and healing herbs. Founded in 2022. Serving 25+ artists.

Vimi Media Lab, Brazil

Village of Segredo Do Artesao
Brazilian Amazon

The Vimi Media Lab and Recording Studio serves the Huni Kuin people of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. In partnership with Mothers of the Amazon, this studio encourages indigenous youth to learn ancient songs and prayers from their elders as well as preserve ancestral knowledge through audio and video recordings.
Leaders of the Huni Kuin tribe want the world to gain insights into the importance of their ceremonies, celebrations, and ways of life. This tribe holds a unique perspective on how to live in harmony with nature, art, and ancestral practices. This studio produces music that sheds light on the global challenges protecting indigenous lands and rainforests throughout the Brazilian Amazon. Founded in 2022. Serving 80+ community members

Kili Radio & Studio, Pine Ridge, North Dakota

KILI Radio is committed to providing daily programming that informs, educates and enlightens our community. The station strives to bring news, educational and cultural programming daily and we work to meet the needs of our community. On the cultural side, the station broadcasts live local cultural events including the annual Oglala Nation Fair, Wacipi and Rodeo and promotes regular shows that feature Lakota language, music, history and culture. The broadcast area represents some of the lowest per capita income communities in the nation, the station stresses programming that encourages education, self sufficiency and business growth; the station works
closely with the Pine Ridge Area Chamber of Commerce and provides support for new Indian owned business.

UUCHUL Studio, Nicaragua

Uuchul is an ancient Mayan word that means ‘Unity.’

UUCHUL is also a tiny label that provides the service for starting artists to see their works be published and distributed on all platforms. 

UUCHUL Studio, located on Ometepe Island, has a very profound positive impact in the community. This studio promotes its sovereignty to fulfill the aspirations of documenting culture and connecting to a wider community of listeners who can hear the message. The goal is to make music that creates a worldview perspective while being protectors of one of the last rainforests of Central America. Led by one of the first female DJs in Nicaragua, Tamara Montenegro, this studio is recording indigenous languages and songs to both preserve culture and disperse their musical values to the world. Founded in 2024. Currently serving 17 artists.

Imara Studios, Uganda

In partnership with Rwamwanja Rural Foundation, Imara Studios (Imara means strong, stable, capable of) was originally launched as a mobile media lab supporting permaculture fieldwork. Located in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Uganda, access to technology, media, and music equipment has been challenging. With a recent development in electricity entering the settlement camp, a space was created that now houses Imara Studios.
This new studio will have a huge impact on helping establish the music and film desires of the community while giving young people access to digital technologies to enhance reach and overall impact. Imara Studios is where music meets the environment. The studio leaders aim to ensure this community can integrate music and technology into initiatives that help restore local ecosystems and increase awareness of climate resilience in Uganda. The studio empowers refugee youth to fulfill their potential while learning new skills, specifically in videography. Founded in 2023. Serving 30+ youth and 75+ community members.

Kakuma II, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Kakuma II Studios is a new project of SunRise Studios Collective that is due to launch soon. In partnership with Jules Shengo and the Kakuma community, equipment for a full-grade recording studio has already been purchased and delivered to the site. The fenced-in space currently houses cultural programs that include Vision Art and Music for Youth (VAMY). This music academy trains youth to learn instruments such as the keyboard, guitar, drumset, etc. in fun & exploratory ways. SRS Collective is anticipating a local partnership to provide solar-power to this space so it may operate at full capacity. Founded in 2024

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