SunRise Studios Collective

Our Mission

SunRise Studios Collective promotes artistic creativity, cultural preservation, and regenerative lifestyles through a global network of community-based multi-media studios.

What We Do

  • Provide grants averaging from $3,000 to $10,000 to establish modest, high-impact/low-budget media labs and recording studios.
  • Collaborate with communities to preserve cultural values through music, video, and other forms of media and artistic expression.
  • Connect musicians and artists from around the world for collaborative learning and creation.
  • Offer free mentorship and training in professional production skills.
  • Join forces with organizations who have a similar mission.
  • Create a directory of artists, producers, and supporters for more effective partnership sand creative productions.

Partnering with communities to

  • Create gathering spaces to produce music, videos, and other artistic expressions. 
  • Teach media production skills that offer economic opportunities.
  • Connect local artists with other creatives.
  • Create cross-cultural and intergenerational collaborations through a global network.
  • Increase community resilience through sharing renewable energy technology, permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and other sustainable living practices.
  • Support efforts of communities who wish to preserve their indigenous cultures, languages, instruments, and ancient wisdom through digital documentation and recordings.
  • Provide a platform for the community to share its local interest, issues, and views of the future through podcasts and other media outlets

A grant for a Permaculture training center in Togo, West Africa, first connected Nick Morgan of the Rex Foundation with Hannah Apricot of the Abundant Earth Foundation. Soon after, a young man from Kenya’s Kakuma Refugee Camp requested support to build a recording studios. Seeking wisdom from other organizations already creating modest recording studios led to the collaboration with David Satori and Schree Chavdarov through the organization LEAF Global Art’s “ONEmic Studio” projects. From there arose the vision of a global network of low-budget/high-impact recording studios: The SunRise Studios Collective. 

With a generous donation of a solar system from Empowered By Light, the first studio was completed in April of 2022 in Kakuma, Kenya. With 8 fully operational community studios as of 2024, we are excited to continue to combine music, permaculture, and collective devlopment. Collaboration is the cornerstone of the SunRise Studios Collective.

Storytelling | Equity | Integrity | Collaboration | Inspirational

1. We operate with integrity.
2. We advocate for equity.
3. We collaborate with our partners to engage in inspirational storytelling.


Creatives from indigenous communities around the world will be able to digitally document traditional songs, language, and other ancient practices to pass on critical knowledge to generations to come.

This work is based on endogenous development.  The key concepts within endogenous development that are critical to this work are: Local control of the development process; Taking cultural values seriously; Appreciating worldviews; and Finding a balance between local and external resources. We honor the understanding that this work is community-led and based on local peoples’ vision of holistic well-being. 

“The aim of endogenous development is to empower local communities to take control of their own development process. While revitalizing ancestral and local knowledge, endogenous development helps local people select those external resources that best fit the local conditions. Endogenous development leads to increased biodiversity and cultural diversity, reduced environmental degradation, and a self-sustaining local and regional exchange.” – Endogenous Development Magazine
A map of current Sunrise Studios Collective projects around the world.

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